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Abby Nelson

age:  somewhere in my 30's

location: cameron mo

loves:  husband, dog, movies, music, family, god

obsession:  clean teeth {that's not bad, right?}

passion: creating beautiful imagery to last a lifetime {but you knew that already}


I have been shooting portraits since the age of 7, yes 7. I remember posing Barbie, Ken and Baby for their family portraits , and shooting with my blue and yellow 110 mm film camera- and embarrassingly enough I have the pictures to prove it. As for my professional career is has been established since 2004.

I studied art and photography in High School and College, and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design with an emphasis in Photography in 2003. {before the wonderful world of digital photography, when you checked your exposure twice and shot once}
Throughout my years of trials and adversity, I have developed some unwavering skills that have evolved into the artistic style you see today. This style, my style, my art, the images you take home, are truly a representation of me. I continually challenge myself to be better, to learn new techniques, to step out of the box, and always be one step ahead.
So thank you to all of those clients who took a chance on me, every session, every client you have all been such a blessing. Thanks for sharing your most precious memories with me, and allowing me the honor of capturing those moments forever.